Christmas Concerts Raise VND 54.283.000 for Charity

Last Monday, 06 March, the members of the ICOHCMC Committee, Mr Gareth Groves, Mr Gregory Hoang Phuc Notebaert, and Mr Mark Bell met with Ms Jaom Fisher, the Executive Director of the local children’s charity Loreto, to present the charity with a cheque for VND 54,283,00.

The money was raised during the two highly successful Christmas concerts ICOHCMC gave at the St Paul’s Chapel at the end of December, and will be used by Loreto to support underprivileged children in Vietnam. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for donating generously to support this great charity!

Now the ICOHCMC are rehearsing for our upcoming concert – more news on the concert will follow soon!


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